9 Weird Health Hacks That Shouldn’t Work But Do

Welcome to Bio Health Hacks my brand new site. My name is Jess Hopkins and today I want to bring you 9 health hacks you can use starting today.

I used to suffer with hypothyroidism for a number of years. I was fatigued all the time, gained weight I couldn’t lose however hard I seemed to try. I suffered in silence and saw friendships fade.

I became antisocial as my tiredness left me not wanting to go out and meet friends. They got on with their lives whilst I seemed to go more into my shell. I would often spend hours reading at home alone.

I Finally Had Enough of My Thyroid Controlling My Life

I was lucky at least I know I had a thyroid condition. Many people with low thyroid function and don’t know why they are ill. I got to the point where I just wanted to enjoy life again. The spark had go out of my life long ago.

There was only one person who can make things happen…ME!

I researched…yes I still spent my time at home alone reading. But I read with a purpose. I found all I could about hypothyroidism. I put together and new diet and lifestyle program I needed to follow if I was going to overcome the disorder….it worked and I’ve been free of my thyroid disorder for over a year now.

But I Decided To Keep Going

My health after changing my diet was amazing as I had energy levels I had not had since I was a teen. This led me to keep on researching diet, lifestyle and health…

This led me to the world of “Health Hacks”!

Weird Health Hacks That WorkWhat Are Health Hacks?

Health hacks are the combination of science, ingenuity and healthy living to “tricks” which are easy to implement that will improve your health well-being. Many of these “tricks” give negligible improvement to health BUT the power is to combine these health hacks together for big health gains.

My site BioHealthHacks.com is a way for me to share with you my best health hacks plus other tips and tricks you can use to increase your overall health and well-being and discover a zest for life.

So enough of an introduction here is the first of the 9 health hacks for today:

1.      Swear To Relieve Pain

It seems a fee cuss words is good for your health. Cursing out loud has been found to lessen pain. So if you’ve sworn when you’ve trod on a plug it was probably for the best.

So the next time you’re in the gym and at your limit and want to push on through. Give it a shot (but not be too loud eh!)

2.    Flossing For Thinking

I’ve done it the past:

Dentist: Do you floss Jess?

Me: Yes but I do sometimes forget, like today…

We lie to our dentist when they ask if we floss. Well it seems we should have been flossing all a long (I do now). Research has shown flossing has a positive impact on brainpower as well as oral hygiene.

3.      Clean Fruit & Veg With Baking Soda

This may seems a strange one I confess (many health hacks will seem weird trust me) but we should all clean our produce before eating. This removes harmful pesticides dirt and anything else they may be left from over. To make the cleaning process more through thus safer and healthier use a mixture of a water and a few tablespoons of water.

4.      Whiskey Soothes A Soar Throat

If your throat is giving you difficulties, then turning to the drinks cabinet maybe the solution for you. If you mix a spoonful of whiskey with warm water and gargle it will soothe a soar throat. Plus the alcohol in the booze will kill odour-causing bacteria in the mouth (a two-fold gain).

5.      Chew Gum To Suppress Appetite

One of the oldest “health hacks” to reduce appetite was the ancient Incas sucking on stones when they were marching and didn’t have time to eat. The sucking produced saliva and suppressed appetite. Fortunately today we can chew gum to reap the same benefits.

6.      Cherry Berry Bunny

If you’ve been to the gym and you’ve pushed yourself pretty hard and don’t want to go back to the gym for a while. One of the easiest ways to recover naturally is to drink some cherry juice.

7.      Thumb Blowing Hack

This is one of my favourites and a weird hack at the same time. Most people at some point experience nerves such as before a presentation or interview. If you looking for a trick to calm those nerves then try blowing in your thumb!

The reason being is the thumb has its own pulse and so cooling it can reduce your heart rate. The pro tip is to breathe more deeply which is another calming method.

8.      Pepper Doesn’t Just Make You Sneeze

Black pepper contains a compound called “piperine” which an antibacterial which also stimulates healing. So the next time you nick yourself (think paper cut) try putting some black peeper on it.

9.      Not Just Good For Ferengis (Star-Trek reference)

In star trek there are a race called the Ferengi who love been rubbed on the ears. Well it appears that they might have been on to something. When you’re fatigued don’t reach for the coffee instead try rubbing your ears.

The pressure points in your ears can increase overall blood flow and give you an quick energy boost to keep on going.

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